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How to Determine the Cost of Window Cleaning Services
When you need to have your windows cleaned, there are many companies offering this service. Some companies use eco-friendly cleaning products, others use chemicals that are toxic to the environment. And there are many different kinds of services, from the simplest to the most detailed. Some companies also offer bundled services. Some even offer a 48-hour re-cleaning guarantee. Then there are those who provide complete services, including gutter cleaning and power washing.

In suburban communities, a window cleaning service should be scheduled every two months. This is because the chemicals used to clean windows can damage the glass if used frequently. If the glass is broken, it can be difficult to clean and that means less money for the service provider. Similarly, the price of the service depends on the type of window that needs to be cleaned. Complex windows require more work than simple ones. Therefore, it is better to opt for a company that provides simple services.

Before hiring a company, compare the prices that other companies offer. While comparing prices with your competitors’, do not be afraid to give discounts to existing customers. Besides, lowering prices may encourage loyal customers to choose your services. And if you increase prices frequently, do it gradually, rather than suddenly. It can be difficult to know what to charge if you’ve never had a client before. So, it’s best to make a list of the prices you charge before beginning your window cleaning business.

Before hiring a window cleaning company, research the supplies they use. Most window cleaning services will have the proper equipment to clean all types of windows. Some may have extra tools for tough jobs. Look for companies that have ladders and extension poles for high windows. Another good sign is their insurance. Lastly, check for the business license and insurance. You should also ask about the company’s accident history. Once you’ve determined that a company offers a guarantee, you’ll be sure that it’s reputable.

Prices for residential cleaning vary widely. Some cleaners charge per pane. Others charge by the square footage of the house, and you’ll likely pay about $150 per home. While the price of a residential window cleaning may not be higher than $200, it’s still less than half of the cost of a commercial cleaning. For that reason, a flat rate is much better than a per-pane pricing structure. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a huge building if you hire a company to do it.

Professional window cleaning services also help you extend the life of your windows. Even if you invest in expensive windows, they won’t last forever. As they are subjected to daily wear and tear, they accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. A deep clean can remove this buildup. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your home’s curb appeal and visibility. And hiring a window cleaning company is more affordable than you think. Consider how much you’d spend on cleaning supplies, ladders, and equipment to get the job done yourself.

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